Thursday, April 9, 2009

Patek Philippe: World Time

Patek Philippe World Time watch picturePatek Philippe World Time watch picture
A couple weekends ago, trying to think of what to do on a Saturday night, my girlfriend and I decided to drive down to “America’s Playground”, Atlantic City, with some of our friends. We hadn’t felt the excitement of legal gambling in a while, so we headed for the Borgata casino. Normally we would go to play Texas hold ‘em, but this time we decided to head over to roulette. After playing for thirty minutes a man dressed in an Armani suit comes over to join us. He is a Borgata black card holder, a high roller and one of the poker tournament winners from the day before who was trying his luck in roulette. Everything about this guy was vain. From the language with the waitress, the bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label he ordered and to top it off, he announced to the table that he would be starting with $5,000. As he goes to pour his top shelf scotch, I’m blinded by a reflection of light. It was the crystal from one of the most distinctive watches I have ever seen, the Patek Philippe World Time.

I have never seen the World Time watch in person, just in pictures. Also, this wasn’t the older World Time with the Guilloched dial; this was the new 2009 model with the “Europe/Asia” dial. This watch had a classy, black leather band with a fold-over clasp closure and could tell you the time of 24 different time zones. Only being five feet away from this exceptional $40,000 watch, the man noticed me looking at it. He said, “Nice huh? I just got it a month ago”. After telling him I had never seen a Patek Philippe in person, to my surprise he took it off and handed it to me saying, “Have a look”. As we started talking about the watch, he was surprised as to how much I knew about it and at the same time he liked the similar interest we both shared for the watch. He then asked the waitress to bring over an extra glass with ice in it. As we were sitting there sipping on JW I had brought up the watch blog I started up and he was very intrigued. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera to take pictures of the watch, but I told him I would be posting a story about this. Needless to say, even though I didn’t have a lot of luck in roulette, I got to experience one of the most elegant and carefully crafted timepieces in the world, the Patek Philippe World Time. Patek Philippe reference: 5131G


  1. He sounds like a real classy guy. Im not sure if its his taste in watches or the Blue Label but this guys on point. im curious what he drives!

  2. Wonderful timepiece! Unfortunately the Patek Philippe Ref. 5131 is limited due to the cloisone dial. I recently saw a video of Susan Rohl (one of the world's finest enamelers)doing this work.
    What an art! Many layers are applied and then it is fired in a furnace at around 1500 degrees. really something to see!