Friday, May 1, 2009

Breitling Navitimer Datora

Breitling Navitimer Datora watch pictureBreitling Navitimer Datora watch pictureBreitling Navitimer Datora watch picture

After a full day of work, some friends and I wanted to hang out and get some drinks. As we walk up to the bar, we notice there are three chairs open next to these two younger businessmen. We figured they were lawyers because as they were eating, we heard them talking about winning a big defense case that day. The gentleman on the end asked my friend, Bryan, if he could pass down the ketchup. As Bryan reached out to hand him the bottle, they guy was distracted by my friends watch. Bryan has the two-tone Citizen Eco-Drive sports watch (which I will feature in a later post). It is a 44mm, perpetual calendar chronograph with a white dial and because it is the Eco-Drive, you never have to change a battery. The businessman said, “You have a Breitling too?” We couldn’t tell if he was being smug or not, because the Citizen watch could look like a Breitling Avenger at a quick glance. Bryan responded with, “No, it’s a Citizen Eco-Drive” and the guy was shocked.

He said he just bought his Breitling watch, and thought that the watch Bryan has looked similar to another model he was considering. With me being a watch enthusiast I asked, “Which model do you have?” He pulled his sleeve up and showed us a Breitling Navitimer Datora. It is a 43mm steel watch with a bidirectional, slide rule bezel. The day and month are displayed next to each other in their own aperture and the date is located in the inner dial indicated by the red half moon pointer. The Breitling Navitimer Datora is a very impressive watch, which is used by many pilots. You are able to multiply, divide and calculate ground speed, miles per minute, gasoline consumption along with rate/distance of climb or decent. So, it turned out the guy wasn’t being smug, he really enjoys watches. I told the guy about my blog and he thought it sounded great, so he had no problem when I asked to take some pictures of his watch. Bryan had his camera in the car and I set up my gray fleece as a backdrop. I am really pleased with the pictures I got. I think that they are good quality considering the lighting. Breitling reference: A21330


  1. mr. watch what type of camera did you take the photos of this incredible watch with??

    Great story! Your friend Bryan sounds like a great guy and also a seasoned watch collector.

  2. Hi Mr. Pink,

    My friend Bryan has a Canon SLR-50D. It takes great pictures!! He too likes watches. I will be featuring some of his soon. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you keep coming back.

  3. Sick watch. Truly an original piece!

  4. This is such a gorgeous watch.