Thursday, May 14, 2009

Patek Philippe Seal

Patek Philippe seal picturePatek Philippe seal on movement picture
In the spring of 2009, a new tradition will begin for Patek Philippe. Each mechanical movement on all of the watches will contain an imprinted, exclusive Patek Philippe Seal. For over a century, the criterion of the Geneva Seal has been acknowledged in the development and completion of Patek Philippe’s mechanical movements. The seal classifies the minimum quality levels to be attained and being true to its tradition of ongoing innovation, the Patek Philippe never stops its quest for continuous improvements regarding the performance of its timepieces. Patek Philippe is a "complete" manufacture that produces its watchcases and other key exterior elements in-house.

Consequently, the quality requirements at Patek Philippe communicate not just about the movements, but also to the entire finished product. The Patek Philippe Seal is the watch industry’s most exclusive trademark of quality. It not only applies to the movements: it encompasses cases, dials, hands, pushers, spring bars for straps, etc, as well as the aesthetic and functional aspects of the finished watches. Furthermore, given the fact that a Patek Philippe watch is primarily a device that measures time, the Patek Philippe Seal makes a statement regarding its rate accuracy.

The rate accuracy of Patek Philippe timepieces is checked in several phases during the development of the watch. Initially it is tested with an uncased movement and later with the finished watch. Additionally, the Patek Philippe Seal guarantees the quality of all materials used. This applies to the precious metals and stones that are used, which are always of the finest quality. The diamonds selected by the manufacture are marvelously cut, flawless, and pure white Top Wesselton grades. The Patek Philippe Seal, starting in the spring of 2009, will progressively replace the Geneva Seal; currently the trademark of all mechanical movements designed by Patek Philippe.

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