Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rolex Datejust

Rolex Datejust watch pictureRolex Datejust watch picture
Every day I take the train into the city to go to work. As I was on the train heading home one night, I was looking at the April issue of Watch Time magazine. The man sitting to my left, who I recognized from taking the train every day, said to me, “That’s a great magazine isn’t it?” After agreeing with him, he introduced himself as Kevin. He complimented the watch I was wearing, which was my gold Bulova watch with a rectangular black dial. As we started talking watches, he pointed out his Rolex Datejust that his wife had bought him for an anniversary gift. It is a self-winding, official chronometer, 36mm with a fluted bezel, Jubilee bracelet, and has a silver dial with a Cyclops date magnifier. When his wife gave it to him the original dial had the numbered hour markings, but Kevin replaced the dial showing the Roman numeral hour markings.

He was saying how he always wanted a Rolex watch because he felt it made a statement. I understand what he was talking about, but personally, I enjoy watches for different reasons. As well as the history behind some great timepieces, the time and dedication put into perfecting the movements and precision of a watch is amazing. For example, I told Kevin something that he did not know about his watch, which was that the Rolex Datejust that launched in 1945 was the first watch to display the date. As the conversation continued, I told him about my watch blog. At first when I told him about the blog he looked puzzled, but went on to say he thought the concept of posting my pictures and stories about watches was a great idea. When I asked him if I could do a post on his watch, he responded with an enthusiastic, “Absolutely!” The next time I saw Kevin on the train, a few days later, he told me that he was now looking at watches differently; not as much as a personal statement, but as he said, “A work of art.”


  1. I have a Rolex watch too given by my mom after I finished my Masters Degree. Unfortunately it doesn't have a date window and it would have been more convenient if it does. You're right, it isn't just a statement but appreciating what's behind the total package is far more important.

  2. Hi Laureana - I'm glad you agree! I wouldn't worry about the date. Some people never get to own a Rolex, so that's something :)