Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tissot T-Touch Expert

Tissot T-Touch Expert watch pictureTissot T-Touch Expert watch pictureTissot T-Touch Expert watch picture
A guy that I work with just recently got back from a cruise and purchased a watch on the ship. When he was wearing it on his first day back, other people in the office were admiring the touch screen watch he had on. When I walked over to his desk to check out the watch, I saw he was wearing the Tissot T-Touch Expert titanium. The T-Touch Expert is a great rugged sports watch that is well equipped for outdoor adventures. Both the case and bracelet are titanium, making the watch very light, but still durable. It offers a sapphire crystal glass with a black carbon dial. It is much more than a watch; it is the perfect instrument for orienteering, trekking and even skiing. In addition to telling time, the Tissot T-Touch offers six different operations, which are activated by just touching the screen.

The main functions are located around the dial. You can activate any of the functions by pressing the main button at the 3 o’clock position. Once you press the button, you will see a flashing “T” at the bottom of the screen. At that point, you are able to choose what function you want the watch to display. The six functions available (clockwise on the dial) are labeled Meteo, Altimeter, Chrono, Compass, Alarm, Thermo. Meteo, also known as weather mode, displays weather trends, relative pressure, and absolute pressure. If the trend is improving (getting sunny), the hands will turn to the right from 1-6 minutes, and if the trend is deteriorating (precipitation), the hands will turn to the left from negative 1-6 minutes.

The Altimeter calculates the atmospheric pressure to give you an altitude reading in either meters or feet. You are able to get more altitude data by touching the Altimeter area again. Every two seconds the information will display: elapsed time, total gain in altitude, vertical speed of ascent, total loss in altitude, speed of decent, and back to stopped or elapsed time – very impressive! Moving along the dial of the Tissot T-Touch Expert, the Chrono function (chronograph and timer) can measure a short time with an accuracy of 1/100th of a second, as well as obtain cumulative, and split time readings. As stated before, this watch is ideal for trekking and orienteering because of its unique compass feature. While in Compass mode, the hour and minute hands straighten out, having the minute hand pointing north. You can also use the rotating bezel to help with navigation. In addition, while still in Compass mode, you can access Azimuth mode by touching the Compass a label a second time. Azimuth mode is used for navigation purposes and provides a given angle showing which way to travel.

The Alarm feature is self-explanatory, but I think it is useful that it offers a second reminder alarm, just in case. This would be ideal for those who like to hit the snooze button before getting up. The final indicator on the face of the Tissot T-Touch Expert is Thermo, which stands for thermometer. The Thermo function will read the outside temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. To get an accurate reading, you should take off the watch fifteen minutes prior to measuring. Otherwise, you the results could be inaccurate due to your body temperature. It was fun learning and messing around with all of the features this watch has to offer. I am very impressed with the watch and I am confident in saying that if I were to get lost while on an outdoor adventure; this titanium timepiece would bring me back to civilization.

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